En South Energy contamos con la experiencia necesaria para diseñar estrategias y aplicar metodologías que tengan como resultado proyectos exitosos, cumpliendo con los tiempos acordados previamente y la eficiencia acordada. Entre los principales servicios del área destacan:

  • Long term contracts to act on behalf of the Client’s best interest to conduct or supervise its Operation, PPA-CEN, Finance & Accounting, Risks and Insurance.
  • Management of the asset’s services and operations contracts.
  • Administration of the regular commercial process, accounts receipt and payables, taxes and permits payment and more.
  • Finance Contract management: Client’s representation with the lenders technical advisor, covenants, obligations, and policies compliance supervision.
  • Budget and long-term financial forecasts development.
  • Generation of reports and information required by third parties (lenders, sector’s authorities, etc.)
  • Advisory on strategies leading to maximizing the use of resources and overall profitability.
  • Support and guidance in negotiations with customers, service suppliers, lenders, sector’s authorities, etc.
  • Represent the Client in insurance claims settlement processes.
  • Structure and Conduct due diligence processes for assets sales or acquisition.


  • Planta Solar San Pedro III SpA (Planta Solar Jama – 57 MWp).
  • Management Service Agreement
  • Solar Generation, San Pedro III and Energía Cerro el Morado.
  • Financial accounting management of the group's assets.
  • PFV María Elena, Jama and Doña Carmen Solar.
  • Regulatory management consultant to support asset operations.
  • Energía Cerro El Morado SA (PFV Doña Carmen – 40 MWp).
  • Management Service Agreement.
  • Solar Generation SpA (PFV María Elena - 73 MWp)
  • Management Service Agreement.
  • San Andrés SpA (San Andrés Solar – 50 MWp).
  • Management Service Agreement.