Proven experience in Energy Storage Projects: Our team has successfully managed large-scale battery projects, ensuring efficient and safe implementation. From the design phase to operation, we ensure that our battery solutions meet the highest standards of quality and sustainability.

Custom Solutions for Various Applications: We understand that each project has its own needs and challenges. That's why we offer customized battery solutions to suit a variety of applications, from energy demand management to renewable energy integration.

Focus on Reliability and Performance: Our main objective is to ensure that our battery solutions are highly reliable and efficient. We ensure our battery systems deliver optimal performance and long life, maximizing profitability for our customers.

  • Financial model development
  • Investment's assessment (pre-feasibility / feasibility).
  • Technical regulatory compliance revision.
  • Capex determination assessment.
  • Project’s modularity within the company’s portfolio assessment.
  • Geotechnics, topography processes: counterpart Client’s representation.
  • Project: Basic and details engineering: counterpart Client’s supervision.
  • Production and cashflow forecasts.
  • Terms and reference for energy commercialization.
  • Sectoral permits.


  • Installation of storage capacity.
  • Technical and regulatory advisor to the Client for the battery storage installation project in PFV.
  • PFV capacity increase.
  • Engineering counterpart for PFV generating capacity expansion project via plant revamping.